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Thanks to the experience gained directly in the field over the course of our long story, we are able to realise heating plants designed specifically for many merceological sectors including:
·         food (processing of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, dairy produce, production of bread, pasta, bakery products, sugar, coffee, animal fodder),
·         drink (distillation of alcoholic drinks, production of wine and beer, soft drink and mineral water industries),
·         tobacco,
·         textiles (spinning, weaving, finishing),
·         clothing (exterior garments, underwear, hosiery),
·         leather (tanning, manufacture of items in leather and skin),
·         paper (manufacture of paper pulp, paper and cardboard, manufacture of products in paper and cardboard),
·         processing of petroleum,
·         chemicals (base chemical products, fertilizers, plastics and rubber in primary form, paints, varnishes and enamels),
·         pharmaceutical (base products, medicines and pharmaceutical preparations),
·         items in rubber and plastic (tyres, plastic packaging),
·         processing of non-metallic minerals (manufacture of building materials in terracotta, production of cement, manufacture of products in concrete and cement),
·         metallurgy,
·         production and supply of electricity, steam and other utilities,
·         hospitals and industrial laundries.
Whatever the case may be, we are able to satisfy, within our vast range of products, any request from any sector.
Should it interest you, we would be delighted to illustrate our references per sector, geographical area, and rating.

 Examples of Installations 

photo 1-3:

Heating plant consisting of boilers for the production of superheated water, equipped with superimposed exchangers (potentiality of each boiler 6,960 kW) and comburent air preheaters



photo 4-6:

Heating plant consisting of no.6 steam boilers, each with a potentiality of 20 t/h, rated pressure 15 bar. Each boiler is equipped with comburent air preheater to obtain an efficiency equal to 95%


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